Rachel and the Kings New EP - Edge of Me

Welcome to a music project that has gone far beyond just songs.  Rachel and the Kings reached out to artists across the United States and received back some of the most beautiful and astounding art they had ever worked with.  Even a picture all the way from the Dead Sea.  

This curated multi media project called, Edge of Me, kicked off on April 26th with a release in Denver, CO.  Live acting, children's choir performance, readings, photos, make up art, paintings, and videos along with a music show made up the evening.  Surprising the fans that attended and even the artists themselves, this was the beginning of what Rachel and the Kings would like to finish.  "We have always gotten to work with incredible artists whether it be make up artists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, etc.  These folks never get enough credit.  And they are so talented!  We wanted to honor their talents by giving them free reign to create anything they desired to some of our new music. And the results surprised even us." - Rachel James

With the help of Srinivas Rao, Tiffany Vartanyan, Zachary Johnson, Chris Kuehl, Jessicah Lahitou, Lacey Grady, Kit Chalberg, Tage Plantell, Troy Ten Eyck, Andrea Mrzlak, Greg Lopez, Dave Preston, Jennifer Roberson, Maggie Whittum, The 303 Choir, and many others, this project is now off the ground.

"Thank you to these artists and those that join as we go.  We are grateful for all of the collaboration and belief.  It is a wonderful thing to be an artist and to follow your heart.  To be surrounded by people that are like minded has been a treasure!" - Rachel and the Kings

Please explore this site.  You will find our songs accompanied varying art forms.  Enjoy!



Contact: racheljamesmusic@gmail.com